In 2012 I purchased a 1933 English Tudor in Kansas City on the cheap.

I saw a gorgeous Hobbit House that need much attention. It's bones were good, but it certainly needed much love to restore its original character of the early 1900's.

I truly believe that antique lighting is the jewels to a turn-of-the-century home.

Soon after installing several 1920 wall sconces and slip shades in my home, my neighbors were impressed and asked the same to their house. I soon found I could offset reconstruction costs as the wallet of a disabled firefighter ran dry well before the end of each month. Home reconstruction is very expensive! I advertised locally and soon turned my attention to creating a business that reached all corners of the planet. Many of my customers have purchased multiple items restoring the early century lighting in their home.

In April 2017, I finished the work on my Hobbit house and placed it for sale. I had three offers in less than 7 days. Each visitor were amazed at the reconstruction work as well as the wall sconces and hanging jewels throughout the home.

Will you be amazed? I certainly hope so, as it is your satisfaction that I strive to achieve.

Michael McCool

Assistant Fire Chief, Ret