Antique Hanging Ceiling Light Fixture, c1930’s, Restored, Lincoln Lighting Company,Original Decor, Beige with Salmon Pink Accents


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Cast in aluminum, this beautiful antique light fixture is made by Lincoln Lighting Products of Detroit, Michigan during the 1930’s. The fixture is refinished in its original colors of light straw, salmon-pink, and green highlights.

The original sockets are rewired with UL Listed wiring, tested and inspected. Modern mounting hardware included and ready to install. High grade clear finish applied to protect restoration.

Measures 13 inches in length, 8 inches wide and extends 35 inches from ceiling. Hanging length can be shortened up to 10 inches at no cost prior to shipment. Use standard size bulbs, not included.

Marked: Lincoln

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Dimensions 14 × 12 × 12 cm