Antique Slip Shade Chandelier Ceiling Fixture, Art Nouveau, Restored/Rewired, Orig Decor, 5 Bulb 5 Glass Feature, 1910’s Cast Iron


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We believe antique lights are the jewels of early 1900’s homes, and whether you are restoring your home or desiring to add antique lighting, this 1914 cast iron 5 bulb slip shade chandelier is no exception. Each of the five honey amber glass slip shades has patterns molded into the design and specialty made for this beautiful and rare fixture. The glass shades are in excellent antique condition without chips nor cracks. The fixture is antique bronze with patina. Meticulously restored, professionally rewired and ready to install. An exquisite addition to your home!

The original porcelain and copper sockets are professionally re-soldered with UL listed wiring, fully inspected and tested. Modern mounting hardware included and ready to install. Use standard size bulbs, up to 65w, not included. High grade finish applied to protect restoration and last many many decades to come!

Measures an impressive 18 inches across and extends 32 from ceiling to end of finial. Up to 22 inches can be added OR 7 inches shortened at not cost prior to shipping.

Manufactured by Williamson, Chicago

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 18 cm