Flush Slip Shade Chandelier, Gill Glass Fixture Company ‘Du Barry Line’, 1920’s, 5 Light Restored Rewired, Patina, Original Decor


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This fixture is made by Gill Glass and Fixture Company, Philadelphia Pa., ‘Du Barry Line’. The Du Barry line of lighting fixtures offered by Gill has been designed to conform with the decorative motifs of the period of Louis XVI of France when Madame Du Barry was mistress at the Palace of Versailles. The decorative schemes which were carried throughout the country were of a very ornate and elaborate character.

With a five bulb feature inside specially designed slip shades, this fixture is professionally retouched to its original colors of antique brushed bronze and gold, with touches of crimson red and olive green. The slip shades are a clear satin and in excellent antique condition. One shade has a small crack at the top of the glass (see photo). The glass shades are very rare and manufactured with specially formed circular side socket receivers in the glass, extremely hard to find, making this a rare and desirable piece.

The original sockets are re-soldered with UL Listed wiring, inspected and tested. Mounting hardware included and ready to install. Use standard size bulbs, up to 75w, not included. High-grade clear finish applied to preserve restoration.

Measures 20 inches in across and hangs 10 inches from ceiling to bottom of finial.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 16 cm